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Where's the Beef?

Proudly sourced from ranchers in Idaho

Did you know that over 80% of the nations beef is imported from outside the United States. In 2023 alone over 956,000,000 pounds of beef has been imported!

Here at Papa Lou's Jerky we believe that you should know where your beef comes from and how it was raised. By keeping our beef locally sourced, we not only support local ranchers and the community,  but also ensure we provide the highest quality, best tasting beef to produce the best beef jerky your taste buds will ever know. 

We proudly order our beef from King Hill and the Owyhee Valley in Idaho. Not only do we know where our beef comes from, but we know the ranchers and butchers who work hard to provide it. Lazy SB Cattle and Hoagland Meat not only raise their cattle, but both also butcher their own USDA approved facilities. 

Located just southeast of Mountain Home is King Hill, where we work with ranch-to-table Lazy SB Cattle.  They raise the best, mouth watering Black Angus beef in the area.  The cattle is raised on BLM and Forest Service lands for a truly free range experience.  

Hoagland Meat in Homedale has been for over 70 years.  Working with other local ranchers in Idaho and eastern Oregon, they provide sustainable local beef to provide great tasting beef to the greater Boise region.

We are so happy to be partnered with such excellent local producers of the finest quality beef in Idaho. It's no wonder Papa Lou's Gourmet Beef Jerky tastes so good.

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